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Thyme needs a home with Pyrenees/LGD experience. They are possessive of their “flock”and may attempt to ‘drive’ other canines/felines in their domain away. It is common for this type of flock guardian to perceive an area of 5 square miles to be their domain. Thyme has shown she is not comfortable sharing her space with other dogs in foster care. Not that she can’t, but a single dog home would make her happiest. This is not a trail dog, her genetics are happier staying home! Running into other dogs on trails would cause her much concern and anxiety, She would be enjoy a medium to large fenced yard on a quiet street best! However: She also unconditionally loves more, is completely more devoted and has a stronger desire to spend all her time with her loved one than most breeds. She should not spend much time by herself without something to do. It appears obvious that this very bright diamond and will make someone’s life so much more enriched. She has much love and devotion to give. Her beauty is undeniable and her love of her person is so strong. She is being sponsored by Bobbie Carll!
Tag is one of 6 puppies from his mama Gia who is a staffy mix. He was born around 11-28-18 and will most likely weigh around 40-60 pounds. We are all in love with his beautiful brindle coat and his unique personality. He has great focus and is quick to learn. He enjoys his people and will make a great pup for the right person! He is currently in foster care where he is working on crate training, learning where to potty, and being around other dogs and family!
Lily is one of our Spring Flower Litter. These girls are sweet and at this point pretty easy going puppies! They have been around big dogs in their foster homes and have been socializing with people everyday! We think she will be a medium size dog when full grown and will be a good fit in most homes! We are unsure what her breed is, but will receive a DNA test with the results in a few weeks! As always we We do base our matches off personality with adopters and energy levels etc of what they are looking for!
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