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Thyme joined LPP In January 2019. She is almost a full Great Pyrenees and has all the amazing traits that come along with that breed! She was severly underweight and seemed to have emotionally given up when she came into our care. She went to our behavoiralist/s home and started her foster care journey where we were able to learn all about her. While in foster care Thyme has gained over 30 pounds, and has gotten her joy back. She loves to romp in the yard and loved the large amount of snow we got. Her forever home needs to have certain things to make it successful because of her breed-specific traits. Her genetics are happier when she is at home, so this lady wouldn’t enjoy being a trail dog. Running into other dogs on trails would cause her much concern and anxiety, She would be enjoy a medium to large fenced yard on a quiet street best! She has started to play with other dogs while in foster care and has progressed greatly with new dog interactions. Thyme needs a home with Pyrenees/LGD experience. They are possessive of their “flock”and may attempt to ‘drive’ other canines/felines in their domain away. It is common for this type of flock guardian to perceive an area of 5 square miles to be their domain She also unconditionally loves more, is completely more devoted and has a stronger desire to spend all her time with her loved one than most breeds. She should not spend much time by herself without something to do. It appears obvious that this very bright diamond and will make someone’s life so much more enriched. She has much love and devotion to give. Her beauty is undeniable and her love of her person is so strong. She is being sponsored by Bobbie Carll!
Helllllo Gorgeous!! Gia came to us in January 2019 with 6 puppies. She has been living with our behaviorist and is learning to trust again after having an unfair start to her life. She is over a year now and is spayed UTD on all vaccines. Kate, who took the pictures started slow with Gia wearing her safety basket, and after around 10 minutes Gia knew she could trust her and the muzzle was removed. She was rubbing up on Kate and showing some love after that. What a remarkable dog that has been treated so unfairly in her past has learned to trust again. Gia is looking for a special home that will show her endless love and give her the home that she deserves. If you'd like to read more about Gia's story and how she came to LPP click here: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/lisa-parkers-puppies
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