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Thyme needs a home with Pyrenees/LGD experience. They are possessive of their “flock”and may attempt to ‘drive’ other canines/felines in their domain away. It is common for this type of flock guardian to perceive an area of 5 square miles to be their domain. Thyme has shown she is not comfortable sharing her space with other dogs in foster care. Not that she can’t, but a single dog home would make her happiest. This is not a trail dog, her genetics are happier staying home! Running into other dogs on trails would cause her much concern and anxiety, She would be enjoy a medium to large fenced yard on a quiet street best! However: She also unconditionally loves more, is completely more devoted and has a stronger desire to spend all her time with her loved one than most breeds. She should not spend much time by herself without something to do. It appears obvious that this very bright diamond and will make someone’s life so much more enriched. She has much love and devotion to give. Her beauty is undeniable and her love of her person is so strong. She is being sponsored by Bobbie Carll!
Mosley Walker
LPP has opened up our hearts to this little man. EveryPedal MTB are his amazing sponsors! He is an 8 month old pup who we think is a bulldog/staffy mix. He weighs in at 25 pounds. His attitude? AMAZING! He loves and asks for love regardless of the pain he might be in. We are found out from AspenTree Animal Caring Center that for unknown reasons he has necrotic femoral necks on both sides. (Basically they are only holding on by a tiny piece of bone that could break at any time). You can see in the photos how his spine sticks up and his back legs cross over sometimes. He also cannot always fully support his weight. Despite this, a happy pup emerges. He hasn’t complained once. He always wags his tail non stop. Upon intake, his hind end was so weak he fell over in the bath and simply trusted us and never stopped wagging and looking at us with thankful eyes. It’s not everyday we run across an animal like him. All are deserving. We know his medical care and rehab will be a long term commitment and we are more than ready! If you would like to make a donation to his upcoming needed surgery please go to our donate tab! We appreciate any and all donations!
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